Book Group Questions for Discussion
An Uncertain Age by Ulrica Hume

1.  At the beginning of the book, Justine has lost everything and seeks to reinvent herself. How does her synchronistic meeting with Miles Peabody on the Eurostar change her?

2.  Can you relate to Justine and her reluctance to “be of use”?

3.  Is faith necessary? Or is a state of uncertainty just as valid?

4.  Is God defined by what one believes?

5.  How does Gwynneth’s agnosticism serve her?

6.  What does it say about Justine that she so distrusts Dara?

7.  Who is the Dara in your own life?

8.  What is the significance of the cobbler?

9.  How do the characters in An Uncertain Age influence each other’s spiritual paths?

10.  Is a spiritual path meant to be easy or hard?

11.  What is your reaction to the book’s ending?

12.  What is your opinion of what happened to Miles?